About Our Store

The story begins as they often do, with a woman.

My grandmother feverishly churned out crochet blouses, vase covers, soaps, embroidered bedsheets, mithais, painted murals, exotic papads ( which I haven’t seen since) and anything she could get her hands on. She was a livewire who found the energy to do all this, while raising six children and caring for two sets of ageing parents as well as anyone else who needed help in the neighbourhood. The first blanket, cradle bedding and clothes I was swaddled in, were made by her hands. Growing up, I thought she was unique.

But I found many more of her.

Women, who I met across the length and breadth of our country in villages, towns and cities with an identical feverish zeal to be makers, creators and
leaders of their own destiny. Dynamic, bold, raring to go; Indian women have always been the energy behind our vibrant civilisation. Indian women are reimagining commerce and taking charge in the MSME sector, where once they only dominated the unskilled labour segment. We are blessed as a nation to have both the natural and demographic resources that can channelise these pioneering instincts into commerce.

We are also as a nation, at a crucial point in time where if this energy is not channeled, our demographic dividend may become a liability in the lack of employment, education and above all, the dignity of a productive life.

What we need in India, is a path for these entrepreneurs in the crowded Indian e-commerce space where they are sandwiched between cheap, mass produced items sold by Chinese dropshippers, and other multinational giants who dominate e-commerce algorithms through a combination of sky high sponsored ad budgets and reviewers for hire. Additionally, these platforms eat away into their margins so that they have very little hope of growth.

Shaktih is an avenue to give female entrepreneurs and small-medium scale units that employ women in the production of handmade and/or sustainable products, a platform that allows them to focus on entrepreneurship. While they focus on their craft and business, we play the roles of digital mentor, PR person, e-commerce platform, branding consultant, logistics partner and anything else they need to flourish in the online retail sector while we allow retailers to make bulk purchases from sellers they wouldn’t have known of.

Our vision with this social enterprise, is to allow our women and our country to be active power players at the global stage.

Small and medium enterprises absorb 30% of our youth that enter the workforce every year, with Coronavirus led downturn in larger industrial units and unemployment, it is crucial that this sector be protected and promoted. President Barack Obama single handedly steered the Unites States out unemployment caused by the 2008 recession, by launching policy and economic incentives that focused on small and medium businesses.

Shaktih, for our consumers, is a movement towards conscious consumption through sustainable e-commerce that balances the good of the earth, the makers and the consumers. We hope to initiate a cultural conversation around the ethics of consumption and how our choices have both economic and environmental impact, which in turn affects us. Animal cruelty is only the surface of the impact our consumption on the earth. Climate, ocean life, water integrity and ecological toxicity are new facts coming to light.

We cannot continue to consume mindlessly, in response to attractive packaging, celebrity models or alluring marketing, we are sentient and conscious beings capable of understanding impact, responsibility and kindness.

The difference between Shaktih and Power, which it often gets lost in translation with is that

Shaktih is composed of ichha-desire, gyana-knowledge and kriya-action; unlike power which is a passive noun,

Shaktih is conscious, will power that acts upon it's values.