Shipping and Returns

Dear Friend,

Because we are a social enterprise that brings small businesses and their genuine, wholesome products to you, we need you to be our partners in this journey :)

We are working with small businesses and factories, spread across India and many of them in small towns with small teams.

Please understand, that because we are a social enterprise without massive infrastructures like giant international e-commerce websites, we need more time to process transactions and ship your products to you.

Our vendor units produce smaller batches frequently, so that they need not have to use toxic preservatives, stabilisers and fillers that can be mass produced and distributed from warehouses. Their products are handmade, and many of them will make their products from scratch because they want you to benefit from their freshness and goodness. 

Keeping all this in mind, our operational timelines are as below:


  • For products that are in stock, the order will be processed within 7-10 days unless there are transport bottlenecks due to Coronavirus. You will receive an email confirming the order and another letting you know when the order has shipped.
  • For products that are made fresh when orders are received, average order processing time 7 days and shipping time is 3-4 weeks. Your confirmation email will share this information too.
  • All deliveries will be arranged with tracking information that will be shared with you on WhatsApp and Email
  • The buyer will be solely responsible for their country charges and taxes such as customs and other duties etc.
  • In case of a difference in the buyer and the consignee address, the same should be stated at the time of placing the order. Changes in the same at a later stage are not possible.


  • All products that arrive damage, defective or expired will be replaced by the vendors within a month, or the order value refunded.
  • You simply need to apply for returns using your account dashboard and await our confirmation email about the steps we are taking. You can get in touch at for any complaints or issues other than the above.
  • All refunds will be issued using the same payment method as chosen for the initial transaction.

    This is NOT a business but a social relationship between you and us, we will always prioritise your satisfaction and request you extend us the same courtesy. In case of any issues with returns you may connect with us on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger as well as at

    Wish you the best always,

    Shefali Samdria