What is Shaktih?

Shaktih is a social enterprise marketplace created to bring small and medium enterprises into Indian homes and our economy, on par with the biggest global players. Our focus is on assisting businesses that meet the following conditions: 

  • Are small or medium scale enterprises that manufacture the complete product in India
  • Who produce sustainable, cruelty free, clean products that do not harm either the earth, environment or end users of the products in any way
  • Who are run by women, or employ women 


How does this model work?

We are a hybrid between a drop ship and marketplace model, because we try to play as many roles as needed, in as flexible and hands-on a framework as we can. We do not buy or stock any of these products sold by vendors, we are a service partner responsible for acquiring sales leads as well as brand building. Then there are some partners who are so early in their life cycle, that we must buy, brand and label their products under our brand name. This is an evolving model and we are open to suggestions from our present and new partners as we learn and move ahead.


How can you be a partner?

Please get in touch with us at partnerships@shaktih.org, we will share a brief questionnaire and schedule a screening call to initiate the process.


 How can you help as a customer?

Please try to replace your household consumer goods consumption with products manufactured by companies or businesses owned by Indians, especially small and medium enterprises. You can help usher in the empowerment of our economy towards self-sufficiency. 

Please share reviews for the products you like and share referral discounts with your friends and family. Please help us with word of mouth, because we do not want to engage in manipulative marketing or gimmicks. 

 Beyond this, please take advantage of our site resources that focus on improving your own wellness as well as the sustainability of your lifestyle.