Do you feel you are not enough, not perfect?

Despite everything you have achieved personally or professionally, you feel more pressure, more stress & anxiety with increasing health issues.It's called the SuperWoman Syndrome. Symptoms of the syndrome are generic but in recent times psychologists have undertaken research to create a clear diagnosis and treatment protocol. To know if you suffer from the SuperWoman Syndrome, you can access below a 100% PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL free online Test based on the work of leading psychologists. Women have higher rates of mental health issues, anxiety, stress and related physical ailments because the SuperWoman Syndrome does not allow us to accept or admit to our loved ones that we need help. This test is a baby step to help you understand and realise if you indeed need help, in the privacy of your smartphone or computer. 

An email will be sent to you with your responses and how to score yourself. It is not intended to alarm, but to help you introspect. We have a list of online courses & resources that can help you and will be shared on email. BUT, what you must consider is therapy or counselling.

Prioritise yourself. Believe in yourself. But above all, em Power Yourself.